Rolly Munro Wood Turning Tools

I first heard of Rolly Munro and his range of tools not too long after I joined the wood turning club. I started doing some research and the work this turner created completely blew my mind. Then I started researching his tools and the reviews from across the globe were unanimous in that these were some of the best, if not the best, wood turning and hollowing tools on the market.

To be fair, these are not inexpensive tools, so it took me a while to be able to afford one. Soon I understood why turners rated the Munro tools as some the best tools ever designed. And that by an acclaimed and internationally award winning wood turner and artist right here in New Zealand!

I took my Munro tools with to the Ecole Escoulen wood turning school in France to use there. I should not have been surprised to find that they already had Munro wood turning tools and were big fans.

Rolly swears you can do everything you want with these tools as a wood turner, and having watched him turn with his range of tools I believe him.

So take your turning to the next level and invest in a Rolly Munro tool.

Click on the images below to see the tools currently in stock.

Munro minimum6 hollowers
Rolly Munro Wundercutt10