Fully assembled and ready to hollow

The first Munro hollowing and wood turning tool that Guy bought and still his go to for most of his wood turning, the Wundercutt10 is unsurpassed when it comes to hollowing and turning tasks. Rolly does the majority of his turning with this one tool and Guy and Rolly both do spindle turning and hollowing with this tool.

Rolly’s improved linkage design lock’s into indexing positions and the micro adjustments allow the woodturner to accurately adjust the depth of cut. This important improvement is the incorporation of an exceptionally clever method for setting the cutting depth/clearance, that eliminates all of the trial and error that afflicts virtually all competing tools.

The articulating cutter head allows the turner to create and turn a large range of vessel shapes and sizes, and to reach difficult areas like the inside shoulders of semi-enclosed forms. The Wundercutt10 also allows for both inboard and outboard turning and for the Steady articulating arm rigs.


  • The tool is manufactured from stainless steel throughout
  • The cutter:
    • Tungsten Carbide
    • 10mm in diameter
  • The shaft is 5/8″ thick – Super stable, super resistant to vibration
  • Dimensions –
    • Handle length – 19 1/2″
      • Diameter – 1 3/4″
    • Shaft length – 15 1/2″
      • Diameter – 5/8″

The tool shaft secures with a three-wing knob that, when aligned with the cutter head, provides a visual reference of the cutter position within hollow forms.

Wundercutt10 cutting depth adjuster

The tool comes standard with a custom set of setting tools for adjusting it as well as a shaft for sharpening the Tungsten Carbide Cutter. You would be well advised to purchase a Munro Diamond Boron Nitride sharpening wheel for your grinder.

Wundercutt10 articulating head

The adjustable hood over the Tungsten Carbide cutter allows infinite settings for depth of cut – open for fast clearing and hoggin out up to nearly closed for fine cuts of hair like shavings.


Pricing incl GST-

Wundercutt10 WITH handle: NZ$330.00

Wundercutt10 NO handle: NZ$270.00


This tool can be used in combination with Rolly’s articulating Shear Scraper. This will give you the best  possible results on a wide range of hard or soft timbers.