Welcome to Journey Woodturning

Artist's Statement:

"Kia Ora and Hello,

My name is Guy (Gideon) du Toit and it's my pleasure to welcome you to my site.

I'm not sure I can explain it, but from the moment I applied a gouge to wood for the first time I understood that the wood was taking me on a journey. Something in me came alive and I discovered a new passion. And so Journey Woodturning was born.

In Germany craftsmen are called journeymen. Like all crafts, wood turning is a continuous journey of learning and discovery. The wood turned creation undergoes a miraculous journey itself. Beginning as a seed that grows to become a tree, a tree that becomes precious timber, the timber that is crafted to reveal the hidden artworks inside through the alchemy of wood turning.  

The  Journey Woodturning insignia represents my path to the craft I love and honours the cycles of life and our connection with nature.

It is a journey for the seed that grows to become a tree and then to become an object of wood turned art.

Journey Woodturning logo
Journey Woodturning logo

The central piece of the insignia is the silhouette of an Acacia tree, specifically a Camelthorn tree. For me, the Acacia tree is the tree of Africa.  This is the tree of my youth in the bush of South Africa.  Without a tree, there can be no wood turning.

The mountains represent all the mountains one climbs in your journey through life, all the obstacles you overcome, and also the peaks you aim for.

The road is the journey with no destination but only an aim.

The arrows represent the spinning of the lathe and the cyclic nature of life.

Join me on this journey."