Popote – Natural wood finish

A French wood finish bought home to New Zealand

Guy makes each batch of Popote himself. He reclaims bees wax from a local honey factory that throw away the wax that is left over after the frames from the hives are stripped and washed. Each batch of wax is washed many, many times, then purified and finally boiled with organic Grapeseed oil and Orange essential oil is added to add absorption and to give it a delightful fragrance.

“La Popote” – Food safe organic wood treatment

30ml pots are available at NZ$15 each. Contact Guy here to place an order.

He was introduced to Popote at Ecole Escoulen in France. Popote is completely organic, all natural, pure and food safe. It adds a natural lustre to wood, is water proof and last a very long time with a little bit going a long way.

Purification of bees wax takes time and love