Bespoke Orders

Experience the exhilarating feeling of investing in a rare treasure. 

Your imagination, your flair, your individualism, your creativity and your reputation demand more than the ordinary, expects more than mass produced machine made copies.

You believe in, appreciate and expect the best.

You value enduring, unparalleled and prestigious treasures.

Choose from a range of rare and exquisite woods, enhanced with carefully chosen elements to glorify the natural beauty and allow Guy to create a unique, precious and timeless work for you. Made right here in New Zealand.

Once you have formed a bond, when you have mutual trust, you may allow him to create something truly unique for you, and he may do it. This bond, this partnership of trust only comes with time and respect. Let it develop in its own time and space.

What is the process of commissioning a piece of wood turned art, a treasure of your own, and how does it happen?

Below are just a few examples of some of the wood turning that Guy has created.

You have a need or a desire for something special, something unique. Perhaps a gift to serve as a functional item like a pepper grinder or a salad bowl as a wedding present.

A corporate gift for a client like a truly unique and rare pen or a work of art for your corporate headquarters or home office.

Maybe a vase for the love of your life or a small platter for that special someone's keys to rest on.

Perhaps an Urn as a final resting place for a loved one.

A fruit bowl to show off to your friends or a lidded box to store your treasures.

There are so many options and like each piece Guy creates, everybody has their own desire and idea. Let's make it a reality!

Or perhaps you want something more abstract, pure art. Imagine the possibilities!

Then you choose your wood. Ancient and exceptionally rare swamp Kauri? New Zealand native Rimu? Black Maire? Fragrant Cedar? Beautifully figured Black Walnut or ever enduring Oak? The choice of sustainable and environmentally friendly harvested or recovered woods in New Zealand is astounding.

Guy has an incredible selection of wood available. The images below are only meant to give you some idea of what he has available or has used in some of his works. these pieces of wood may not be available any more, but rest assured that he has a LOT more.

If you have a specific wood in mind, say ancient swamp Kauri or perhaps New Zealand Native Black Maire or Pohutekawa please let him know when you discuss the idea for the piece you would like to commission. He will dig and sort through his stock and send you an image of what he has available.

On completion of the work Guy ships your carefully packaged item or you collect it. You take it home and first you familiarize yourself with the ritual of care required for this new object of wonder (Guy will provide full instructions with each piece on care and maintenance). This ritual of care is important as this art you have acquired is an investment, and requires care and nurturing from you, as it did from Guy in its creation.

What are you waiting for? Make your dreams and desires a reality today.

Browse Guy's, as always, limited stock of available treasures and choose something he has already created. See what you like? Make it yours before somebody else discovers it. Don't find stock of what you want?

Contact Guy and tell him what you desire. Your wish becomes a reality in the form of a timeless wooden heirloom.