NZ$ 290.00 incl GST excl Delivery


  • The cutter is Tungsten Carbide
  • The cutter is 10mm in diameter
  • The tool is manufactured from stainless steel throughout
  • The shaft is 5/8" thick - Super stable, super resistant to vibration
  • The cutter head has been re-engineered though the proven Munro cutting principle remains unchanged
  • An important improvement is the incorporation of an exceptionally clever method for setting the cutting depth/clearance, that eliminates all of the trial and error that afflicts virtually all competing tools.
  • Overall Length -
    • Handle -
    • Shaft - 
  • Diameter -
  • Weight -

The tool comes standard with a custom set of setting tools for adjusting it as well as a shaft for sharpening the Tungsten Carbide Cutter. You would be well advised to purchase a Munro Diamond Boron Nitride sharpening wheel for your grinder. 

Fully assembled and ready to hollow