Buy Handcrafted Wood Jewelry

Here you can shop for some of the exquisite and finely hand crafted jewelry that Guy makes from different types of rare timbers. 

Because Guy considers wood to be such a valuable resource he saves every little and last piece of wood, every off-cut goes into a bin where they are later sorted and recycled, reclaimed and re-purposed. Sometimes, if the pieces are rare enough and the quality is high enough, they will make it into the jewelry bin. 

Each piece is individually cut, shaped, carved, sanded, drilled and enhanced into truly unique pieces. Earrings, broaches, pendants and more. Wooden jewelry so fine  and from wood so beautiful or rare that each piece is a true collector's piece and an investment. 

Here you will find some of the pieces that Guy has for sale directly from his workshop. 

Yin-Yang Pendants - NZ$ 89.00 incl GST excl delivery

Click on the image for more information on these hand turned pendants.

Yin-yang wooden pendants

Purple Heart Wave - NZ$247.00 incl GST excl Delivery

Handcarved from a single piece of Purpleheart this wave form is incredibly fine work. Only 1mm thick (or rather thin!) the skill exhibited in creating a piece this fine from wood is to be commended.

Approximately 55mm square this piece would be a fine addition to any collection of rare handcrafted jewelry.

The necklace is closed and held together by two 5mm rare earth magnets in their own rare wood capsules.

Combination Pendants - NZ$184 each incl GST excl Delivery

Handcrafted from different pieces of rare timber these wooden pendants measure approximately 30mm x 30mm and 30mm x 40mm and are approximately 10mm thick.

Wood used include Osage Orange and Oak Burl.