Nested Bowls

Wood is a precious resource. Guy believes that EVERY piece of wood he turns equates to a tree that was removed from the environment. No matter how big or small the piece, in his mind, if he is creating art from wood there is no longer a tree out there that is alive.

When trees are alive they:

  • Create oxygen and ozone
  • Convert CO2 and other gasses and odours like ammonia
  • Stabilize soil
  • Provide nourishment to other trees, plants and animals
  • Provide a habitat to insects, animals, birds and other plants
  • Cool the planet
  • Conserve water
  • Generate positive energy – Hug a tree and feel it yourself!
  • Make people happy!!

He strives to use every single piece to it’s fullest, not wasting even the smallest scraps but saving them for jewelry and other pieces.

A great way of conserving timber is to core or ‘bowl save’ big enough pieces. In simple terms, the piece is hollowed out using a special set of tools to create two or more pieces (bowls) from a single piece of wood that form a nest. It adds more time and complexity and of course risk to the process, but the results are so worth it. 

Wood is conserved and as a bonus you get a set of bowls with perfectly matched grain.

Below are the currently available nested wood turned sets.

Nested Set 12

NZ$ 146.00 incl GST excl delivery

Approximate Size –

Diameter of largest bowl: 165 / 170mm

Height of largest bowl: 60 / 70mm

Diameter of smallest bowl: 125 / 135mm

Height of smallest bowl: 25 / 55mm

Wood: Spalted Australian Red gum Eucalyptus

Finish: Danish Oil