“Neptune’s Vase”

NZ$ 860.00 incl GST excl delivery

Approximate Size -

Height including stand: 325mm

Vase Height: 225mm

Vase width: 110mm at the widest

Wood: Driftwood, possibly Pohutekawa

Stand: Brass and River Rock

Enhancements & Artwork: Green Verdigris Wax

Finish: Buffed Carnuba wax

The Journey of Neptune's Vase

Waihi Beach in New Zealand is great for finding interesting pieces of driftwood. The unusual shape attracted me to it.

Burnt driftwood calling out to be transformed into art.

 There are still bits of shell and sea stuck to the inside. A really unique work of art.

Finished with antique verdigris wax to add a touch of color to the piece that is reminiscent of the ocean.
The Journey's destination becoming clear.

Once turned I spent several weeks looking for the right base and found this lovely quartz (?) and river sand conglomerate while fishing next to the river in the Kawerau forest.

Placed carefully on a brass rod with a foundation of river rock from the Kawerau Forest river trail.