Art works created with other artists

Here you will find a selection of art works Guy created in collaboration with other artists. If you are an artist and would like to do a collaboration please contact Guy as he loves working with other artists on new and unique art pieces and concepts.

Works created with Coralie Saramago

Below are a number of works created in collaboration with Coralie Saramago, a fellow graduate of Ecole Escoulen and close friend of Guy. Coralie is an exceptionally talented wood turner and wood artist residing in France. Coralie spent a year in New Zealand meeting many of the best wood turners in New Zealand and for a time was also a member of the Hamilton wood turners club where Guy met her. Coralie told Guy about Ecole Escoulen and it is because of her that he enrolled at the school. They graduated together in 2018.

You can see more of Coralie's work on her website by following this link.

By clicking on the images below you will see more of the process involved in the creation of these fine works.