Week 12 – Ecole Escoulen – Threading

2 December 2018Aiguines, France

Another amazing week of learning new skills at Ecole Escoulen wood turning school in France this last week.

We spent a few days learning how to do threading using a machine made and designed by Pierre Deletraz. The principle of the threading machine has been around for a long long time, there is a very old foot powered wooden lathe in the entrance hall at the school that works in a similar way. Pierre just improved on this and another design he saw and I must say the results if you take your time and respect the various measurements are very satisfying.


Week 11 – Ecole Escoulen – Pyrography and Acrylic dry brushing

28 November 2018

Started learning pyrography today at Ecole Escoulen wood turning school in France from Laurent Niclot. Introduced to the work of Jacques Vesery and a couple of other wood artists. Mind blown!

Learning dry brush with acrylic. First pyrography, then a base of Indian ink, then dry brush. Loving it!

My creations.
The start of my Feathered Egg


Laurent Niclot teaching pyrography carving
My wood art for the week

Weeks 5 & 6 – Ecole Escoulen – Alain Mailland & Joss Naigeon

9 November 2018

Been a busy two weeks for me at Ecole Escoulen wood turning school in France.

First week was spent learning hollowing techniques with Alain Mailland as well as forging two new tools under his guidance. Not a very good week for producing anything successfully as far as wood turning went and that means I was pushing the limits and learning a lot.

Second week was spent with Joss Naigeon learning how to make all kinds of different boxes with different types of closing lids. Popping lids, piston lids, magnet lids, lifted lids! We then had to design and produce our own box that could be made production style for sale.

Joss Naigeon teaching
Learning from Alain Mailland


Week 2 – Ecole Escoulen

13 October 2018

Week two at the school done. Making slow and steady progress. This week we progressed with the techniques learnt last week and also started end grain hollowing smallish items.
Loved making the wobbly duck and racing car. I had to make the rattle 5 times… So you learn.
Last picture is my workstation.
@ Ecole Escoulen – Tournage sur bois

Baby rattle and Spice Pot
A Waddling duck and racing car wood turned toys
Oneway wood turning lathe – Guy du Toit

Week 1 – Ecole Escoulen

7 October 2018Aiguines, France

First week at Ecole Escoulen wood turning school in France done. Started with the very basics in spindle turning. Being primarily a bowl turner it was good to learn some new techniques and also discover new tools like the Bedan.

Our lecturer for the week was Yann Marot who is a renowned turner and a very capable teacher. He is assisted by Laurent Niclot who thankfully translates the French when I am lost. And I am lost a lot!

We visited the woodturning museum in Aiguines as well as Yann’s studio.

The slide show shows the beautiful lake, my progress through the week, the museum and some of Yann’s work.